Every space is unique and so are the requirements of our clients. A new garden is a significant investment and it takes a lot of expertise to get it right. To fully understand a space and produce the right designs, we go through a process that takes you from initial brief to enjoying your beautiful new garden as it matures and evolves. 

Initial visit

This is where we get to meet each other and you show me your garden. 

We talk about what you’re looking for, how you’ve been using the space and how you’d like to. You tell me what you love in a garden – and also perhaps what you hate. We also talk about budget and what you’re willing to spend. 

Our conversation will help me build the brief after our meeting and I’ll also come back to you with my fees, at least for the initial stages of the design. 

If you’re keen to work with me and think I have a good understanding of your needs, we can get started.

Site survey and analysis

Before we can do any design work, I need to have a thorough understanding of the space we’re dealing with. 

This not only includes accurate measurements and levels, but existing plants and features as well as the quality of the soil, how the sun travels around the garden and what views you want to make the most of or hide. 

Depending on the size of your outdoor space, I’ll either recommend a land surveyor to survey the site or – if it’s an average town garden or smaller – we can keep it in house. 

Initial concepts

We can now use everything we’ve learnt from the previous stage to start designing. 

We like to come up with a couple of concepts before we focus on producing a full masterplan. 

You’ll be given two sketches of potential designs for the space to discuss with a mood board at our next meeting.


Once you’re happy with one of the concepts – or a combination of the two – we go on to produce a detailed to scale plan. 

This shows the detail of the garden, including areas for hard landscaping, planting and any structures. It also includes information on specific materials. We then meet to discuss and finalise these.  

Construction pack 

We’re happy to work with you to find the right contractors to bring the designs to life. And we can introduce you to a few.

We produces a layout plan and more detailed information landscapers can use to cost from. This will also include construction drawings if you’re having any bespoke structures and if you have any level changes in the garden. We can also produce lighting plans.

Planting plan

Plants play such an important role in garden design and we work with you to produce beautiful planting schemes. 

A detailed planting plan maps out location and spacing of all the plants, both new and existing. 

Alongside this we produce a list of plant names, quantities and sizes to cost and order plants from nurseries. 

Project monitoring

By monitoring the build of the project, we can be sure that landscapers are implementing plans. It also means we can work together should anything unexpected turn up or changes need to be made. 

Planting and aftercare

We’re happy to source plants for the garden and have excellent relationships with wholesale nurseries around the country. 

We can then set out and plant and also prepare simple maintenance guides to help you care for your beautiful new garden as it matures. We can also find you a maintenance gardener if you need.