Calling creatives and gardening folk of all kinds! 

I'm volunteering for The Chelsea Fringe this year, which runs from 19 to 27 May. That’s nine days including two weekends to fill with exciting gardening projects and events.

The 2017 Fringe was a huge success, with some 200 community gardening activities, garden/art installations and happenings, walks, talks, food events, open days, exhibitions and performances across London and beyond.

We're now inviting individuals and organisations, first-timers and Fringe veterans, to register their interest and to discuss what they might like to do for 2018. 

Email if you'd like to be involved in any way.

The Chelsea Fringe is volunteer-run and unfunded so participants need to cover costs themselves, raise funds or charge a small fee at the event(s).

You can find out more at